Friday, December 23, 2016

Cheers to the Delivery Person

This is for every USPS, UPS, FEDEX, UBER driver needing extra cash off the record, and everyone else who drove the miles, fought off the yard and door dogs, the somewhat drinking residents waiting on the porch because they did not wan their stuff stolen who brought us the gifts, wanted or not wanted. Y'all did good this years. Never saw a sad face. Never heard cuss words. But always saw spirit and dedication . Thank you. Merry Christmas. CHEERS!!!!

BTW: please keep up that spirit and dedication when you have to haul that stuff back because for one reason or another......we don't want it.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Liquor sales and Christmas

Being Thursday, a few days before Christmas, I had the bright idea that I would beat the crowds, and buy my favorite Christmas Day liquor assortment. Boy did I MESS UP!
First, I should have seen the error in my decision when I had to drive a full lap around the Class VI(military liquor store) until I could find a parking spot.  As I finally was able to park the pickup, entering the store was an experience I was not prepared for. Here's why:

1. Every vendor representing booze had a sampling table set up offering free mini cups of their product. Down side of this is that if you took part in everyone of their "wares", you would be legally drunk before leaving. Maybe blind too.
2. It appears that the aisles of booze joints become gathering locations for friends who have not seen each other since last Christmas. There are hugs, long conversations and more hugs right in the areas of my product selections.
3. While the staff working at the store are doing the best they can to handle the masses of Holiday Good Cheer seekers, they initiate prolonged conversations that reveal more than I want to know about the customers before me about their holiday plans and Aunt Betsy's love of Egg Nog and Peppermint Schnapps.
4. Plan ahead on how you are going to pay. Withdraw cash somewhere. If the debit/charge machines decide on one season to breakdown or be slowed down because of the 100 million transactions going on at the same time, this is it.
5. Leaving the parking spot after your fun filled experience is like leave pit row at a NASCAR race.

I have come up with what I believe is a solution to avoid this next year. Christmas booze stock up......Halloween.

.....If it's leaks!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

One term Presidents

I was wondering how many one term Presidents we have had over the years, no reason why i was thinking about this, but if you know me you can understand.
The number is actually small, so lets get to it. WARNING!!!! I listed people who were elected to an initial term and lost. Not those who lost re-election, but got elected later on. Also some reasons(?) why they lost re-election:

1. G.H.W. Bush- bad economy, inner city violence
2.Jimmy Carter- Iran Hostage situation, inflation
3.Gerald Ford- economy, energy shortages
4.Hubert Hoover- Great depression
5.William Taft- high tax support
6.Martin Van Buren- vague(?)
7.J.Q. Adams- corruption
8.John Adams- divided party

Now, someone must have been really doing well.... Roosevelt.....4 times back to back.

If it's leaks.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Have never wanted to be a politician, small scale or large, but this years Prez run has me a bit intrigued about the process and positions available to the New Dude. I would say New Dudette, but we know how that went.
Don't want to be Prez, too much digging into past, real or perceived. I mean, I don't have horns sticking out of my head, but halo's aren't present over it either.
So, what kind of Prez appointment might I consider if asked/vetted/begged to fill?
Sec of Defense is out. I could not keep a straight face with ALL the Branch Secretaries telling me that each of them needs more money/funding then the others. GO ARMY, OR GO HOME!!
Sec of State is out. I tend to drink to much at large parties or gatherings and only talk politics when wasted. Enough said on that position.
Sec of Energy is out. DIG, DIG, then DIG some more.
Sec of Treasury is out. After passing out the gifts at the first office party, I'd be in jail.
Sec of Education is out. I went to Boston Schools (GO CARDINALS) and college. Paid off my student loans in 1995. Left college in 1982. Enough said.

The other normal positions probably would not be offered, but I may consider other positions, not at a cabinet level. Here are some, real and possibly new ones:

ATF- I drink. I smoke. I like shooting guns. A natural.
Anti Stupid Czar- Long history of dealing with them....finding them would be too easy.
Chairman of the Counsel to bring back Common Sense- Tough job, no guarantees.
Chairman of the Fake News Commission- Headlines will ROLL!!

This all being said, I think it's safe to say I will not be getting a call or text from DT pertaining to any of these positions. That's cool with me. Washington D.C. is a nice place to visit. Just don't want to Rule the World from there. CENTEX would be a better headquarters.

Monday, December 19, 2016

When I decided to retire from the Army, it was going to be one of two areas that I settled into: Texas to North Carolina. N.C. is a GREAT State, I would have gone to the Fayetteville area for sure. But I chose Texas, Killeen to be exact for a number of reasons. And here they are :

1. Relatively in expensive for the most part.
2. Retirement pay, or any income payments are not taxed.
3. Proximity to a military installation for shopping, Veterans Services and medical care, outside of the VA.
4. Support for veterans from the local community.
5. Lone Star beer.

Now with the exception (to my knowledge) of Number 5, North Carolina offers the same things.

Did you notice I didn't mention the weather. Being a Boston, born and raised kid, weather was a factor, but can not be guaranteed anywhere. For example, yesterday morning as the sun's trying to rise, it was 21 degrees ( do i really need to say Fahrenheit ? ). Today, 19 degrees.
North Carolina can get that colds too.
Snow, usually just a dusting here, but I have seen the Fort Hood and Killeen shut down for as little as 2 inches. We don't have the resources nor common sense on how to deal with it.
While enjoying a 3 week field training excersize in North Carolina, I lived through a snow storm bring over 17 inches of white stuff upon my tents and equipment in less than 24 hours. We stayed in the field and continued the mission since we were all Army Strong and shit. By the way, the snow was gone 4 days later.
You will not see snow tires nor chains here. Utter such words, gets you a lot of dumb looks.
I am willing to bet a six pack of beer that I am the only one on my street with not just one, but two snow shovels. Potential $$$$$$ when the snow hits the fan!

No, we can not complain to the degree like my family and peeps up north can about the weather, But just suck it up differently as them.  We have plans in place too:

1. GPS routes programmed into our cars to open pubs.
2. The beer aisle at Walmart is closer to the cash out area than the milk aisle.
3. We know that kitty litter works the same as ice salt.

Y'all be safe now, be warm, stay hydrated and don't let your kitty get cold. See what I did there?

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

One of the many things that my mind and body dabble into since retiring from the Army, is that I'm also writing a book. The planned title is," Author's Unknown". It a collection of thoughts, observations, reflections and experiences; some physical, some spiritual, and some just plain off the wall.
Small samplings will find their way to this Blog soon. Such as this:

Sleeping Dragon

Before the powers that be decide to bring back Warriors who have retired from the Profession of Arms or were told, against their will that they were no longer needed, consider this:
To awaken a sleeping Dragon, you to not dictate nor control the response that they display, nor the actions that follow.
Calling upon a former Warrior to fight battles again, regardless of the foe or political cause will result in the Warrior showing a fierce attitude you may not expect or want.
That awakened Dragon will not play by rules, policies, or orders by those who woke them. They will meet the challenge under their terms and their terms only.
Nothing will be pretty or neat. Boundaries, geographical or political will not exist in their minds, heart, or spirit.
When you wake a Dragon, you wake a life style, a mentality that voluntarily or involuntarily became a part of his or her past; reserved but not forgotten. Idle, but not weakened, remembered but never abandoned.
We shall answer your call, but you may not like the outcome. We will be victorious, but by our standards, maybe not your.
When we decide to slumber again, let us be. Even a Sleeping Dragon has it’s limits.

      Author Unknown

Remember, If it's leaks.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

I think I got enough accessories to my various photographic gear to start posting some pictures and very short videos to this blog page.
They will be visual comments on life around me. I WILL NOT include items that violate others privacy. What's in public, is public. I WILL NEVER mention people names without their permission. Again, what's in public, is public.
More to follow. Till next time, if it's leaks.

Friday, December 9, 2016

After some off and on time this this week figuring out how to run this blog, I may have it down.

It's been a weird week. Busy at work. Kinda busy with personal life. Just got a GoPro Hero Black that I plan to use to add things, sights, experiencing in life to this blog. Test runs begins this weekend.

Writing this as I sip whisky and watching/listening to South Park rerun in the background. Funny, as a much younger lad, I would be getting legally or illegally drunk right now. But not now. The norm is inside before sunset. Comfort now is, Jameson, a good beer and access to Amazon Prime Video.

Flashback to Germany, 1989-1991

-Last Army formation of the week: 1630 (4:30pm)
-Uniform off at 1650, first beer half way consumed
-Second beer opened at 1700, sitting near naked on bed deciding on where to consume 3rd beer
-1730, butt washed, clothed and heading out the Gate to location of 3rd and more beers. Food may be involved
-events between 1730 and 2300 vary, but repeat nightly, Monday -Friday
- Saturday: No plans, just react and live
- Sunday: recover, catch up on eating, clean room.barracks while drinking Boone's Farm
- Hate the fact Monday start in a few hours

Times change our styles, good or bad. But time can not change memories, good or bad.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Cold in Texas

Cold night in Texas. Whisky is warm. Stay thirsty my friends. More coming.


Welcome To LoonyLeaks!

Here you will find content that may offend anyone, but in a way that makes you think about what you actually read, see, hear and come across by other means. News, real or perceived. Social networks, honest or drug influenced.
Sit back, enjoy.
The ride begins now!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Is this viewable yet?

Well, here we are a few days after creation of this blog. Still a lot to learn.