Monday, December 19, 2016

When I decided to retire from the Army, it was going to be one of two areas that I settled into: Texas to North Carolina. N.C. is a GREAT State, I would have gone to the Fayetteville area for sure. But I chose Texas, Killeen to be exact for a number of reasons. And here they are :

1. Relatively in expensive for the most part.
2. Retirement pay, or any income payments are not taxed.
3. Proximity to a military installation for shopping, Veterans Services and medical care, outside of the VA.
4. Support for veterans from the local community.
5. Lone Star beer.

Now with the exception (to my knowledge) of Number 5, North Carolina offers the same things.

Did you notice I didn't mention the weather. Being a Boston, born and raised kid, weather was a factor, but can not be guaranteed anywhere. For example, yesterday morning as the sun's trying to rise, it was 21 degrees ( do i really need to say Fahrenheit ? ). Today, 19 degrees.
North Carolina can get that colds too.
Snow, usually just a dusting here, but I have seen the Fort Hood and Killeen shut down for as little as 2 inches. We don't have the resources nor common sense on how to deal with it.
While enjoying a 3 week field training excersize in North Carolina, I lived through a snow storm bring over 17 inches of white stuff upon my tents and equipment in less than 24 hours. We stayed in the field and continued the mission since we were all Army Strong and shit. By the way, the snow was gone 4 days later.
You will not see snow tires nor chains here. Utter such words, gets you a lot of dumb looks.
I am willing to bet a six pack of beer that I am the only one on my street with not just one, but two snow shovels. Potential $$$$$$ when the snow hits the fan!

No, we can not complain to the degree like my family and peeps up north can about the weather, But just suck it up differently as them.  We have plans in place too:

1. GPS routes programmed into our cars to open pubs.
2. The beer aisle at Walmart is closer to the cash out area than the milk aisle.
3. We know that kitty litter works the same as ice salt.

Y'all be safe now, be warm, stay hydrated and don't let your kitty get cold. See what I did there?

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