Wednesday, December 21, 2016

One term Presidents

I was wondering how many one term Presidents we have had over the years, no reason why i was thinking about this, but if you know me you can understand.
The number is actually small, so lets get to it. WARNING!!!! I listed people who were elected to an initial term and lost. Not those who lost re-election, but got elected later on. Also some reasons(?) why they lost re-election:

1. G.H.W. Bush- bad economy, inner city violence
2.Jimmy Carter- Iran Hostage situation, inflation
3.Gerald Ford- economy, energy shortages
4.Hubert Hoover- Great depression
5.William Taft- high tax support
6.Martin Van Buren- vague(?)
7.J.Q. Adams- corruption
8.John Adams- divided party

Now, someone must have been really doing well.... Roosevelt.....4 times back to back.

If it's leaks.

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