Wednesday, December 14, 2016

One of the many things that my mind and body dabble into since retiring from the Army, is that I'm also writing a book. The planned title is," Author's Unknown". It a collection of thoughts, observations, reflections and experiences; some physical, some spiritual, and some just plain off the wall.
Small samplings will find their way to this Blog soon. Such as this:

Sleeping Dragon

Before the powers that be decide to bring back Warriors who have retired from the Profession of Arms or were told, against their will that they were no longer needed, consider this:
To awaken a sleeping Dragon, you to not dictate nor control the response that they display, nor the actions that follow.
Calling upon a former Warrior to fight battles again, regardless of the foe or political cause will result in the Warrior showing a fierce attitude you may not expect or want.
That awakened Dragon will not play by rules, policies, or orders by those who woke them. They will meet the challenge under their terms and their terms only.
Nothing will be pretty or neat. Boundaries, geographical or political will not exist in their minds, heart, or spirit.
When you wake a Dragon, you wake a life style, a mentality that voluntarily or involuntarily became a part of his or her past; reserved but not forgotten. Idle, but not weakened, remembered but never abandoned.
We shall answer your call, but you may not like the outcome. We will be victorious, but by our standards, maybe not your.
When we decide to slumber again, let us be. Even a Sleeping Dragon has it’s limits.

      Author Unknown

Remember, If it's leaks.

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