Thursday, December 22, 2016

Liquor sales and Christmas

Being Thursday, a few days before Christmas, I had the bright idea that I would beat the crowds, and buy my favorite Christmas Day liquor assortment. Boy did I MESS UP!
First, I should have seen the error in my decision when I had to drive a full lap around the Class VI(military liquor store) until I could find a parking spot.  As I finally was able to park the pickup, entering the store was an experience I was not prepared for. Here's why:

1. Every vendor representing booze had a sampling table set up offering free mini cups of their product. Down side of this is that if you took part in everyone of their "wares", you would be legally drunk before leaving. Maybe blind too.
2. It appears that the aisles of booze joints become gathering locations for friends who have not seen each other since last Christmas. There are hugs, long conversations and more hugs right in the areas of my product selections.
3. While the staff working at the store are doing the best they can to handle the masses of Holiday Good Cheer seekers, they initiate prolonged conversations that reveal more than I want to know about the customers before me about their holiday plans and Aunt Betsy's love of Egg Nog and Peppermint Schnapps.
4. Plan ahead on how you are going to pay. Withdraw cash somewhere. If the debit/charge machines decide on one season to breakdown or be slowed down because of the 100 million transactions going on at the same time, this is it.
5. Leaving the parking spot after your fun filled experience is like leave pit row at a NASCAR race.

I have come up with what I believe is a solution to avoid this next year. Christmas booze stock up......Halloween.

.....If it's leaks!

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