Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Have never wanted to be a politician, small scale or large, but this years Prez run has me a bit intrigued about the process and positions available to the New Dude. I would say New Dudette, but we know how that went.
Don't want to be Prez, too much digging into past, real or perceived. I mean, I don't have horns sticking out of my head, but halo's aren't present over it either.
So, what kind of Prez appointment might I consider if asked/vetted/begged to fill?
Sec of Defense is out. I could not keep a straight face with ALL the Branch Secretaries telling me that each of them needs more money/funding then the others. GO ARMY, OR GO HOME!!
Sec of State is out. I tend to drink to much at large parties or gatherings and only talk politics when wasted. Enough said on that position.
Sec of Energy is out. DIG, DIG, then DIG some more.
Sec of Treasury is out. After passing out the gifts at the first office party, I'd be in jail.
Sec of Education is out. I went to Boston Schools (GO CARDINALS) and college. Paid off my student loans in 1995. Left college in 1982. Enough said.

The other normal positions probably would not be offered, but I may consider other positions, not at a cabinet level. Here are some, real and possibly new ones:

ATF- I drink. I smoke. I like shooting guns. A natural.
Anti Stupid Czar- Long history of dealing with them....finding them would be too easy.
Chairman of the Counsel to bring back Common Sense- Tough job, no guarantees.
Chairman of the Fake News Commission- Headlines will ROLL!!

This all being said, I think it's safe to say I will not be getting a call or text from DT pertaining to any of these positions. That's cool with me. Washington D.C. is a nice place to visit. Just don't want to Rule the World from there. CENTEX would be a better headquarters.

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