Friday, December 9, 2016

After some off and on time this this week figuring out how to run this blog, I may have it down.

It's been a weird week. Busy at work. Kinda busy with personal life. Just got a GoPro Hero Black that I plan to use to add things, sights, experiencing in life to this blog. Test runs begins this weekend.

Writing this as I sip whisky and watching/listening to South Park rerun in the background. Funny, as a much younger lad, I would be getting legally or illegally drunk right now. But not now. The norm is inside before sunset. Comfort now is, Jameson, a good beer and access to Amazon Prime Video.

Flashback to Germany, 1989-1991

-Last Army formation of the week: 1630 (4:30pm)
-Uniform off at 1650, first beer half way consumed
-Second beer opened at 1700, sitting near naked on bed deciding on where to consume 3rd beer
-1730, butt washed, clothed and heading out the Gate to location of 3rd and more beers. Food may be involved
-events between 1730 and 2300 vary, but repeat nightly, Monday -Friday
- Saturday: No plans, just react and live
- Sunday: recover, catch up on eating, clean room.barracks while drinking Boone's Farm
- Hate the fact Monday start in a few hours

Times change our styles, good or bad. But time can not change memories, good or bad.

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